4x4s are known for being rigged vehicles perfect for any terrain. The powerful four-wheel drive vehicles are examples of machinery brilliance at its very best. Land Rovers and Range Rovers are a huge part of British manufacturing history. As a result of this, 4x4s have always been extremely popular in the UK. Perfect for a range of different uses, 4x4s can be seen everywhere from on local farms to in the city doing the school run. This is what keeps this type of car close to our heart. A 4×4 isn’t afraid to get down and dirty and that is why we need to take care of the little bumps and dents they can often pick up over time.

However, unlike some cars, a Land Rover Discovery (an example of which can be seen in our gallery), is now made from Aluminium which has made the process of removing dents much more difficult. Compared to traditional metals used in car construction in the past, aluminium is tougher and harder to manipulate. This means that this sort of dent repair in Manchester and Cheshire takes a lot more time to repair and a great deal of force to remove. Luckily for 4×4 owners in the Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport area, Dent Experts has the skill, experience and means to fix any dents.

Here is a Gallery of our 4×4 Dent Repairs

Take a look at our incredible results. If you own a 4×4 are looking to have your dent removed and are happy with the results you have seen in our 4×4 rent removal gallery, call 07753759654 or text us an image of the dent so we can quote the fix.


4x4 before  4x4 after