Alderley Edge

I cover most Cheshire dent repairs and take pride in every job I do regardless of the location. I mean, the name Dent Experts isn’t just a fancy name. I take my craft incredibly serious and one browse through my website will expose you to all the work I’ve done for satisfied paying customers who were more than happy to further recommend my services to people they knew.

I’ve had more than a few jobs repairing dents in Cheshire and regardless of the value of your car I’m more than happy to help with repairing any dents you have. Dent Repair in Alderley Edge is a regular job for me and since Alderley Edge has a 20% higher rate of managerial, administrative and professional households than the average national, I’m used to working sensitively with peoples prized cars to make sure when I’m done your car looks showroom restored.

With over 20 years of experience repairing dents in Wilmslow and the surrounding areas ‘Dent Experts’ are¬†Alderley Edge dent repair go-to company for anyone who wants a paintless dent removed. This basically means if you have a dent in your car and the surrounding auto-paint on your car isn’t damaged, I can, through a slow and meticulously careful process, repairing the dent out of your car without further damaging any of the original auto-paint.

This is more convenient as it’s quicker and because we’re not repainting or trying to match a paint job to the previous auto repair, it’s easier and cheaper for you as a client. So if you are looking to remove a dent in you’re the car that hasn’t damaged your paintwork give me a call on 07753759654.

If you need a quote for some damage on your car don’t spend ages googling ‘Alderley Edge Dent Repairs‘ simply text the same number and WhatsApp me an image of the damage on your car and I can let you know roughly how much the job is going to cost. Feel free to get in contact now.