Hatchbacks Dent Repair

Hatchbacks represent the best value for money for cars on today’s market. These urban workhorses are the easiest way to travel around the city, park up and continue on with your day.

As such, hatchbacks are among the most popular type of car to own. Ford Fiestas, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and Vauxhall Corsas are often seen lining the parking spaces of every city in Britain.

Taking long journeys in their stride, hatchbacks have become famed as the perfect family car based on their reliability, utility and style. Parents will often buy hatchbacks to do school runs or take the kids on a trip due to their low price. However, if your hatchback receives an unsightly dent, the cost to repair it can often be surprisingly high.

If your Hatchback is Dented, call Dent Experts for a Quote!

Here at Dent Experts, we use specialist techniques to keep the cost of our dent repair services to a minimum. Due to their status as a popular car for city-dwellers, hatchbacks are often the victims of dents and dings. This is more often than not due to other hatchbacks in traffic jams or when parking.

Because of this, we believe that cheap dent repair is necessary for many people, particularly those who are driven away from other mechanics by high dent repair prices. After all, hatchback owners are often parents with bills to pay, and for them a dent on their car is the last thing they want to shell out money for.

However, using our quick and effective method of Paintless Dent Repair, we can restore your dented hatchback to a condition as good as new for a fraction of the cost that a regular mechanic might charge. So if your hatchback has a dent, take a picture and send it to us, and we can give you a quote. We can even come to you to apply the technique as it does not require our garage to apply paintless dent repair.

Check out our Gallery of Hatchback Dent Repair Jobs


Over our 10+ years of business we have repaired a large number of dents on hatchbacks and can guarantee an excellent job. Check out here our gallery of hatchback dent removal jobs.

If you are interested in having your cars dent repaired by Dent Experts then be sure to text 07753 759654 with an image of your dent or email us at [email protected]

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Golf boot repair. This required the boot panels to be removed and around an hour and a half of work. Dents this big require thousands of internal impressions behind the panel as well as tapping and levelling on the outside to avoid the paint from breaking during removal.